Why Redflow?

Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries have many unique features and are ideally suited to time-shifting energy on a daily, full-cycle basis, as well as providing emergency power supplies in a wide range of climates.
Other key benefits include:


  • 10 kWh modular design – scalable to multi-MWh systems

  • Core design allows for redundancy. Expand as needs increase

  • Hibernation mode allows for extended preservation of stored energy for indefinite periods

  • Suits medium to longer duration storage applications

Environmentally friendly

  • Battery is made from HDPE plastic which is commonly recycled into plastic bottles

  • Electronics – follows standard pathway for electronics recycling

  • Electrolyte – R&D program to verify potential to reuse/partial reuse

  • Minerals sourced from non-conflict areas

  • No CO2 emitted from operation


Operational flexibility

  • Up to 12 hours discharge and potential to extend with hibernation mode

  • Less than 1 second start up response time

  • Batteries can be left 100 per cent charged indefinitely

  • System can be ‘parked’ at any state of charge, with no impact on performance


  • No risk of thermal runaway - non-flammable materials, verified to UL9540A

  • Excellent tolerance for high ambient temperatures without external cooling

  • Bromine-based electrolyte is non-flammable, not susceptible to mechanical damage and does not present as a risk of explosion

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics plus self-protection features



  • Deep daily discharge and sustained energy output

  • Long-life, multi-cycle design

  • Ability to value stack – frequency control and energy shifting


  • Unique system retains full capacity over time

  • Systems can be specified to operate across a wide range of ambient temperatures -15-50°C (5°F to 122°F) with no electrochemical degradation

  • No active cooling required when operated at temperatures between 10 to 45 degrees Celsius (50 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit)



  • CE

  • Australian researched and designed

  • Currently obtaining UL safety certification for: UL 1973 “Standard for Safety, for Stationary Applications” and UL 9540A “Standard for Safety for Thermal Runaway”

  • Independent performance validation testing currently underway

Our products

Flow Battery

Redflow’s ZBM3 flow battery is the world’s smallest commercially available zinc-bromine flow battery.


Energy Pod

This modular energy storage system is designed for scalable commercial, industrial and utility applications.


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