ZBM3 flow battery

Redflow’s ZBM3 battery is the world’s smallest commercially available zinc-bromine flow battery.

Its modular, scalable design means it is suitable for a wide range of applications, from small commercial installations to multi-megawatt hour storage systems.
The ZBM3 is smaller, simpler and more compatible than previous versions. The compact and flexible design includes a smaller stack design and a bi-directional DC-DC converter built into the Battery Control Module, allowing flexibility of energy flow of 0-60 volts.
This makes it compatible with a wide range of applications without needing any external voltage conversion.

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High energy density at 10kWh
48 Volt DC nominal batteries
Power Rating 3kW (5kW peak)

Our energy storage systems are an ideal solution for commercial, industrial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment.

Key benefits


Competitive capex

Battery capacity reduces minimally over its lifetime, resulting in low storage cost and no oversizing.


Excellent longevity

Warranted electrode stack lifetime 36,500 kWh energy delivered or 10 years (whichever comes first).


Hibernation mode

Can be left at 100% state of charge for months and started up rapidly.



All battery components and electrolyte are either recycled or repurposed at end of life.


Constant power

Charge 100% of the capacity with constant power, due to a flat voltage curve and simple one stage charge profile.


High energy density

34 kWh per sq.m / 3.2 kWh sq.ft* with expected electrode stack throughout of
36,500 kWh. (*Based on Energy Pod200 design).


Unparalleled safety

Water-based electrolyte proven to have no thermal runaway, in accordance with UL9540a.


No HVAC required

Systems can be specified to operate in ambient temperatures of 10 to 45 °C (50 °F to 113 °F).


Intuitive battery management

24/7 remote self-monitoring with real-time data capture accessed via a cloud-based system.


Supply chain security

Designed and developed in Australia, manufactured in our Thailand facility.


ZBM case study

Knox Children Centres cut 75% of energy costs in winter with solar PV and Redflow battery storage.

Case studies

Find out how our flow battery works.


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