Redflow completes 2 MWh installation in California

Redflow completes the 2 MWh energy storage system for Anaergia in California.

The 2 MWh sale was announced on March 9, 2021 and represents Redflow’s largest single sale of batteries to date.

The energy storage system, comprising 192 zinc-bromine flow batteries, is designed to store up to two megawatt hours (MWh) of energy and reduce peak energy use at Anaergia’s Rialto Bioenergy Facility as part of the Facility’s microgrid. The microgrid project was funded in part by a grant from the California Energy Commission and consists of the batteries, a biogas conditioning system to support a 2.0MW biogas-fuelled cogeneration unit, and a microgrid control system. The battery system is comprised of 12 x 160 kWh Redflow Energy Pods which are clustered into four strings tied to four 125 kW Dynapower inverters.

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Redflow batteries keep the power on for medical centre in Victoria

Longevity Medical Centre owner James Bishop with his Redflow batteries

Last week, when Victoria and South Australia experienced extensive power outages due to high winds and storms, Redflow batteries played a vital role in supporting our customer James Bishop and his Longevity Medical Centre in Melbourne.

Providing the power needed to keep his fridges running – saving all the COVID and standard vaccines from spoiling – enabled James to keep this critical facility operational, continuing the rollout of vaccinations and medical appointments. He could also help nearby pharmacies and GP clinics by safely storing their vaccines at from two to eight degrees.

“This was the longest power outage we have had since the batteries were installed,” said James. “Our cold chain was maintained perfectly, and my medical practice was able to operate specifically due to your (Redflow) help and equipment while almost all other businesses were unable to open.”

After a number of unexpected power cuts disrupted patient care, James’ energy storage solution was installed in 2017. Two 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) batteries store the energy from his rooftop solar panels, which were installed the previous year. 

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Video: SolarQuotes interviews Redflow battery pioneer Simon Hackett on the rise of the battery

Australia’s most visited solar-specific website SolarQuotes has published a video interview with Redflow’s largest shareholder and system integration architect Simon Hackett on the rise of the battery.

In the interview, which starts at 17 minutes and 40 seconds in the SolarQuotes TV video below, SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock describes Simon as “one of the founding fathers of Australia’s battery industry”.

 “Now, for our Solar Tech this month, I’m giving my two minutes to one of the pioneers of Australia’s battery industry, Simon Hackett from Redflow,” explains Finn.

As well as explaining the benefits of Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries, Simon shows the Redflow LSB (Large Scale Battery) he has installed at his Adelaide business precinct, Base64, and the large energy storage system he has installed at his farm, The Vale, in northern Tasmania.

To watch Simon’s interview in the SolarQuotes Rise of the Battery report, click on the video below:

Simon Hackett doubles solar array to 200 kWp for farm’s Redflow energy storage system in northern Tasmania

Redflow’s largest investor and software architect Simon Hackett has announced that he is doubling the size of the solar array that harvests solar energy for the Redflow battery energy storage system at his farm in northern Tasmania.

Simon’s system at The Vale includes 28  Redflow10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) flow batteries, a 100 Kilowatt Peak (kWp) ground-mounted solar array, 12 Victron Quattro 48/15000 Inverter/Chargers and an underground sub-main distribution system servicing multiple houses, farm buildings and an aircraft hangar across the entire farm.

In a recent blog on his personal website, Simon reports that an additional 100kWp solar array is currently under construction, bringing the total solar PV array to 200kWp. “Tasmania is interesting as a solar power deployment area because it has the distinction (due to being a long way south!) of being the best place in Australia for solar production in summer and the worst place in the country for solar production in winter,” said Simon.

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Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd director Sam Statham

Video case study: Rosnay Farm in NSW reduces energy costs by installing Redflow batteries

The Rosnay Organic Wine Estate in Canowindra, NSW. has improved its energy independence and reduced its fossil fuel costs by deploying four Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries.

Deployed by Redflow system integrator Seven20 Electrical, the containerised system was partly funded by a NSW Department of Primary Industries energy pilot project. The initiative aims to demonstrate how innovative technologies and practices can improve on-farm energy efficiency, energy security and productivity as well as reducing on-farm energy use, costs and emissions.

Sam Statham, Rosnay Wines
Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd director Sam Statham

Founded in 1997, Rosnay Farm produces certified organic wines, olives, and figs.The vines and orchards have never been sprayed with harmful chemicals, a passion that began with Richard’s father Clive Statham.

Rosnay Farm’s 40 kilowatt-hour (kWh) energy storage system replaces the use of tractor-driven diesel power generation, significantly decreasing on-farm energy costs and increasing capacity in a grid-constrained location. The full scope of the project includes demonstrating on-farm energy generation with solar panels, flow batteries and peer-to-peer energy trading, as well as the electrification of diesel-fuelled equipment.

Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd director, viticulturist and sales and marketing manager Sam Statham said the battery system had significantly increased the estate’s energy security to support on-farm processing, including to power its large machinery and refrigeration equipment.

He said Seven20 Electrical’s installation of the battery system was incredibly convenient while Redflow had provided “fantastic support” for Rosnay as it integrated the system into its daily operations.

Click below to view the Redflow video case study of the Rosney Farm energy storage system.

Redflow named as an approved flow battery supplier on a preliminary basis in RFI issued by large listed US corporate

Redflow Limited has been named in a Request for Information (RFI) issued by a large listed US corporate as an approved supplier of flow batteries on a preliminary basis.

The listed US corporation which has issued the RFI has publicly committed to sourcing 100 per cent of its global power needs through renewable energy and through the RFI is seeking proposals from power developers to help provide that energy using Redflow batteries.

If Redflow is ultimately selected, the proposed scope of work as contained in the RFI has the potential to be material to Redflow.

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Redflow MD & CEO Tim Harris

Redflow undertakes capital raising to support growth

Key Highlights:

  • Capital raising comprises:
    – $5 million investment by US based New Technology Capital Group, LLC; and
    – pro rata non-renounceable entitlement offer to raise up to $17.71 million (before costs) if fully subscribed
  • New Technology Capital Group may provide additional funding of $5 million
  • Funding to underpin growth, supporting pursuit of business development opportunities, key projects, completion of Gen3 battery development and general working capital requirements
  • Redflow’s Board fully supports the Entitlement Offer and its Directors have each agreed to participate.

Redflow has today announced a capital raising comprising a $5 million investment by United States (US) based New Technology Capital Group, LLC and a pro rata non-renounceable entitlement offer to raise up to $17.71 million (before costs) if fully subscribed.

Following a series of recent achievements over the last 12 months that have demonstrated ongoing market progress, Redflow has experienced a significantly increased level of customer interest in its unique zinc bromine flow battery technology and its ability to support large scale deployments including large scale MWh projects.

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CSIRO scientist tells ABC Radio that zinc-bromine flow batteries are ‘potentially considerably cheaper’ than lithium

CSIRO Principal Research Scientist Dr Adam Best has told ABC Radio that zinc-bromine flow batteries are ‘potentially considerably cheaper’ than lithium batteries because they don’t require the “critical minerals” used in a lithium-ion battery.

Dr Best, who is currently on secondment from CSIRO to Energy Renaissance as a Research and Development Advisor, has led a CSIRO team for lithium battery development, including a focus on advanced electrolytes, to support the development of an Australian battery industry

In an interview with ABC Radio’s Geraldine Doogue, Dr Best described zinc-bromine flow batteries as “an Australian invention” that uses “a completely different type of chemistry”.  “A company called Redflow actually makes these batteries,” he said.

“They have a very different type of electrolyte and they basically use pumped fluids to do the energy storage activity. So it’s very much a different style of battery, much bigger than you would see currently in a lithium-ion system, but potentially considerably cheaper because you don’t use a lot of the critical minerals that a lithium-ion battery uses.”

Click here to listen to Geraldine Doogue’s interview with Dr. Best whose comments on zinc-bromine flow batteries start at 14 minutes and four seconds. 

WA’s Jindong Treeton Farm goes off-grid with Redflow and TIEC

West Australian Redflow partner TIEC Electrical is finalising deployment of its latest agricultural Redflow flow battery energy storage system at Jindong Treeton Farm, 250km south of Perth.

Located next to the Margaret River Wine Region, Jindong Treeton Farm selected TIEC to install the 60 kilowatt-hour (kWh) Redflow flow battery-based energy storage system in order to go off-grid. 

When the property owners recognised they needed three-phase power to meet their expansion plans and machinery power requirements, they found their local southwest power utility was not a viable solution financially, so asked TIEC Electrical to design a system to meet their budget and power needs.

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Beyond Lithium, Zinc will enable the energy grids of the future

Zinc-based technologies are emerging as a viable energy storage alternative to overcome the limitations of lithium-based batteries, states Morgan Frederick, manager of the International Zinc Association’s Zinc Battery Initiative.

In a column published by North American Clean Energy, Mr Frederick lists the limitations of lithium as including insecure supply chains, risky flammability, and inadequate recyclability. “When all the complements and alternatives to lithium gain the prominence they deserve. It’s time to bank on zinc’s promising role in the energy systems of the future,” he writes.  

“Zinc is exceptionally well suited to electrochemical storage. That’s why it was the key ingredient in the world’s first battery, and why it still powers all the AA, C, and D batteries in our homes. 

“As global requirements for energy storage become more demanding and complex, a range of new zinc-based technologies have emerged to innovate and advance the capability of batteries to provide our increasingly challenging global energy needs.”

Redflow this week announced that it has joined the International Zinc Association to support the Zinc Battery Initiative. Click this link to read the full version of Mr Frederick’s column.