28 JULY 2022

Commencement of analyst coverage by Institutional stockbroker Curran & Co

Redflow is pleased to advise that analyst coverage of Redflow has been initiated by Institutional stockbroker Curran & Co for its clients.


Institutional stockbroker Curran & Co can be contacted directly for a copy of the coverage by emailing [email protected]

The report notes:

  • The Long Duration Energy Storage market requires USD $1.5 - $3 trillion of investment by 2040 displaying a 41% CAGR
  • A clear need for energy storage solutions beyond lithium
  • Redflow's technologically advanced and operationally proven offering
  • Redflow's industry leadership and manufacturing experience driving lower the levelised cost of storage

Important information

The opinions contained in the Curran report including opinions about Redflow's prospects and share price target, represent the opinions of Curran & Co and are not necessarily those of Redflow or its directors or officers.  Redflow has provided information to Curran including forward looking projections regarding potential addressable market and pipeline opportunities which has not been provided to the market because the information, whilst potentially achievable, is speculative, and is not therefore material.  Curran and Co may in the future be engaged by Redflow to assist Redflow on capital raising activities on ordinary commercial terms.




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