Conservation SA installs first ZCell batteries

By Technology Decisions, Dylan Bushell-Embling

South Australia’s peak environmental organisation Conservation SA has
installed its first two ZCell batteries to provide energy for a data centre backup and emergency lighting system for its office.

The first installation of the Australian-developed ZCell batteries at a commercial building will allow the peak body to store energy collected from an array of Tindo solar panels on the roof of its building in central Adelaide.

Conservation SA will also use the batteries to charge the GoGet electric vehicle based at its Adelaide site.

ZCells have a capacity of 10 kilowatt hours and are designed to store solar power generated during the day for use at night and to store off-peak power for peak
demand periods. Conservation SA’s solar array consists of 52 Tindo Solar photovoltaic panels for a total capacity of 13 kilowatt hours.

The batteries are made from elements that are recyclable or re-usable. They are developed by ASXlisted Redflow Limited. The peak body took advantage of the $5000 battery rebate offered by the Adelaide City Council to help fund the installation.

“We are delighted to have the first ZCells deployed to support a commercial office environment. Along with Alan Noble’s off-grid ZCell deployment, this shows some more of the range of use cases supported by our batteries,” Redflow CEO and former Internode founder Simon Hackett said.

“We look forward to announcing more ZCell customer installations in the near future.”

Pictured: Conservation SA CEO Craig Wilkins.

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