RedFlow Systems Ready For NZ Utility Installation

RedFlow electrical utility products, the Power+BOS® LA600 and GenSet KD6 are on display this week in New Zealand in readiness for inaugural deployment with distribution utility Powerco Limited. These units will be used as the core of a stand-alone power system (“SAPS”) for a rural customer.

Representatives of several other utilities gathered to view the systems in a working demonstration.

Addressing these utility managers, RedFlow CEO said “Our packaged energy storage systems, together with the GenSet KD6 represent a cost effective solution for remote installations for utilities operating in today’s environment”.

Mr Winter added “The systems will be further enhanced when we release our proprietary satellite communications package shortly. These will allow low cost and real time monitoring for rural SAPS installations, irrespective of terrain or isolation”.

Powerco is New Zealand’s second largest electricity and gas distribution company. Its network area spreads across the upper central and lower central North Island servicing approximately 400,000 consumers representing 16 per cent of the electricity connections in New Zealand.

Chris Winter
CEO, RedFlow Technologies Ltd

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RedFlow attends State Reception for Innovators

RedFlow’s CEO, Chris Winter, and Company Secretary, Iain Smith, were invited to attend a State Reception in honour of Queensland’s Education and Innovation sectors on 23 February.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh hosted the Reception, and firmly re-stated the Government’s commitment to creating an economic, cultural and social environment where children are given every opportunity to grow to their full knowledge potential. This will enable the continuation of recent great advances in the knowledge economy in Queensland.

RedFlow strongly supports the promotion of education, innovation and excellence.

Chris was pleased to be able to communicate some details of our growth and future plans to Premier Bligh, Deputy Premier Paul Lucas and Environment Minister Kate Jones.

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First RedFlow Export Products Shipped on February 18th

RedFlow is pleased to announce that its first export products were shipped today from its Brisbane factory.

The shipment, comprising a RedFlow stand-alone power system (SAPS) was destined for Powerco Limited, the second largest electricity distribution company in New Zealand. In common with many utilities in Australia, Powerco has a number of rural customer sites which can be more viably supported with SAPS systems.

The RedFlow SAPS system shipped to PowerCo comprised a Power+BOS lead-acid energy storage system integrated with a genset, and packaged with RedFlow-developed electronics, communications and control equipment.

RedFlow CEO Chris Winter said “We are delighted to count Powerco as our foundation customer in New Zealand and look forward to a long term relationship. As we complete the current Phase Two expansion of our Brisbane factory and have more production available, we expect future products manufactured for NZ customers to be based around our high performance zinc-bromine batteries.

We will be supporting Powerco in its plans to demonstrate the system at their Palmerston North depot to their own staff and other interested utilities and regulatory authorities before assisting with system installation in its rural North Island site.”

Mr Winter added “It is clear that smart energy storage products such as RedFlow products are now a cost effective solution for rural utilities. Customers such as Powerco are supporting our growth, with our planned expansion to almost 50 high technology design and manufacturing jobs in Queensland by end of 2010.

We see a large number of export opportunities for our energy storage products. For the moment, we are remaining focussed on NZ and US and will shortly be responding to a particular opportunity in south east Asia.”

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RedFlow appoints Australian Sales Manager

RedFlow is increasing its sales focus in the Australian stand alone power systems (SAPS) market following growing interest in its Grid+BOS and Power+BOS energy storage systems.

RedFlow has appointed Mr. Gary Jubb as National Sales Manager, based in Brisbane. Gary will be responsible for dealing with customer enquiries and sales of RedFlow’s energy storage systems, and full customer support.

Gary has a strong background in distributed generation. He has worked in the electrical industry for more than thirty years. For the past ten years, he has held senior sales positions within the SAPS and PV industries in both Australia and New Zealand.

RedFlow CEO, Chris Winter, said, “Gary will initially be developing commercial markets for our lead-acid based Grid+BOS and Power+BOS energy storage systems. As more of our high performance zinc-bromine batteries become available, we expect he will increasingly focus on these new products”.

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RedFlow’s Zinc-Bromine battery: A breakthrough technology to boost uptake of renewable solar

RedFlow’s new kilowatt-scale batteries have been hailed as a critical enabling technology that allows easy integration of large numbers of small solar generators into the electricity grid. The RedFlow systems also put Australia in front of the rest of the world in being ready for the so-called ‘Smart Grid’, which is how electricity will be provided in the future.

RedFlow CEO Chris Winter, speaking on the eve of the annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society in Townsville, said, “RedFlow is delighted to be involved in this ANZSES solar generation conference. Delegates will have a chance to see our energy storage systems in action, using solar energy stored during the day to power an evening party on a beach on Magnetic Island.

Here in Queensland, we are now manufacturing our high performance systems which are an ideal match with Solar generation. This means that electricity generated from daytime sunshine can now be efficiently captured and used in evening peak times when power companies often struggle to meet electrical demand”.

The core of RedFlow’s patented technology is their zinc-bromine battery module.

At just 220kg, it has a 10 kWh capacity – enough to run a typical household for many hours.

“You’d need about one and a half tonnes of lead-acid batteries to do the same job, and our battery is much more environmentally benign as it does not use toxic heavy metals like lead” Mr Winter said.

“In 2010, we will begin expanding our manufacturing capacity to meet the expected huge global demand for smart-grid storage systems. RedFlow plans to be one of the largest manufacturers in the world for this application, on the back of our cutting edge technology and superior systems integration”.

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Upgraded Zinc-Bromine Battery Capacity

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that its ongoing design optimisation program is continuing to deliver good results.

RedFlow’s engineering team is continuing to work on techniques to improve the performance and reduce the production cost of its proprietary zinc-bromine battery.

The latest optimisation has increased energy storage capacity by approximately twenty per cent. Tests at the company’s Seventeen Mile Rocks facility in Brisbane last week showed the new generation zinc-bromine stack is capable of delivering over 13 kWh of energy in repeated cycling tests. This compares with the nominal 10.5 kWh rating of the current generation RedFlow battery.

Commenting today, RedFlow’s CEO, Mr. Chris Winter said “The latest round of improvements show that the ongoing development path we have is delivering great results. The new generation battery has approximately 20 per cent more capacity than the prior generation, while retaining high efficiency and capacity for 100% discharge.

Mr Winter said “As a consequence, RedFlow has more than achieved a 20% reduction in its cost per kWh, as the new generation battery incorporates other cost–saving features. We will be moving to progressively implement the new design into our production operations.

RedFlow’s advanced design is packaged in a module of approximately 230 kg. An equivalent set of lead-acid batteries would weigh 2,200 kg (when operated in an equivalent daily cycling mode, and limited to 20% depth of discharge to ensure an acceptable operating life).

If you have any questions on the above, I will be pleased to assist”.

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Advanced Remote Area Power Supply New Development Contracts

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that it has signed an additional development contract with Ergon Energy Corporation for demonstration of advanced remote area power supply systems.

Remote area power supply systems (RAPS) are common in Australia’s rural locations which are too distant to have connection to the electricity grid. Currently, most RAPS rely on a mix of diesel generation, solar PV, and lead-acid batteries.

With increasing fuel prices, high maintenance costs and carbon emissions, diesel generation is becoming less attractive.

Solar PV, while cheap to operate, suffers from non-availability at night-time or in poor weather. Lead-acid batteries are usually used to overcome this intermittency, but suffer from high cost and weight, and relatively poor reliability.

The preferred advanced RAPS system uses solar PV combined with high performance batteries such as RedFlow’s zinc-bromine storage systems. This type of RAPS combines 24/7 availability with low operating cost, and excellent environmental credentials.

There are two elements to the new demonstration program with Ergon Energy signed today:

  • A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to interface with selected inverters and provide communications; and
  • A zinc-bromine battery optimised for RAPS applications.


As part of the contract, there will be field trials at two existing Ergon Energy sites.

Commenting today, RedFlow CEO Mr. Chris Winter said “We are pleased to be working with Ergon Energy on this program. It provides another opportunity to demonstrate that RedFlow’s zinc-bromine batteries are the most cost effective solution for RAPS applications. Moreover, solar PV generation combined with battery storage has zero carbon emissions and is clearly the way of the future for RAPS”.

Mr Winter added “There is strong demand for better RAPS products throughout Australia, and globally. The product we demonstrate here with Ergon Energy will pave the way for international sales in future years. Already Australian  companies have a strong reputation internationally within the renewable energy industry and this collaboration will help enhance that.”

Chris Winter
CEO RedFlow Technologies Ltd

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First Deliveries of Zinc-Bromine Systems

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that it has installed the first two zinc-bromine Power+BOS® energy storage systems into the electricity network of Ergon Energy Corporation, a major Australian utility. These are part of the program that will include thirty systems by the end of 2009.

The Power+BOS® systems are a fully packaged energy storage unit. They comprise a zinc bromine battery module, with inverter, control systems and communications for remote monitoring and control. The systems are fully certified for grid connection, and are assembled in a sealed enclosure. Redflow will be delivering at a rate of approximately four such systems per month until late 2009.

The batteries and Power+BOS® units are manufactured in RedFlow’s Brisbane facility, with equipment and materials sourced worldwide. The units are being installed in conjunction with solar PV and are operated in a peak-lopping mode.

RedFlow CEO Chris Winter commented “This milestone confirms RedFlow’s position as one of the leading developers and manufacturers of advanced energy storage systems globally.

The battery modules now being delivered are our second generation design. Information from these trials will assist in product optimisation for the release of our full commercial product, planned for 2010”.

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Funding Agreement with Ergon Energy

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that it has today entered into a Funding Agreement and Purchase Agreement with Ergon Energy Corporation.

Ergon Energy (Ergon) will be an industry partner with RedFlow’s wholly owned subsidiary RedFlow Pty Ltd in its roll-out of batteries under the Advanced Energy Storage Technologies (’AEST’) project with the Australian Government’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

Under the AEST project, RedFlow will install thirty energy storage systems at rural sites within Ergon Energy’s electricity distribution network in Queensland. The first ten systems will use conventional lead-acid batteries to allow RedFlow to test its control, communications and inverter components. The remaining twenty systems will use RedFlow’s high performance zinc-bromine batteries.

Ergon energy will contribute A$1.0 million for the thirty systems The first deliveries are scheduled for first quarter 2009.

Chris Winter
CEO RedFlow Technologies Ltd

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