RedFlow NZ Distributor Powerco Wins Industry Award

Electricity storage system company RedFlow Limited (ASX:RFX) is pleased to advise that its New Zealand distribution partner, Powerco, has received a major award for innovation.

Powerco won the Electricity Innovation Award at the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards for its BASEPOWER stand-alone power units as outlined in the attached release.

The core of the BASEPOWER product is RedFlow’s integrated battery energy storage units, combined with high quality diesel generation plant. BASEPOWER packages these with solar panels to make clean power supply units for selected customers.

To date, all the RedFlow units supplied to BASEPOWER have used conventional lead-acid batteries. As RedFlow’s production constraints ease with expanded production, it is planned that these will transition to use the RedFlow zinc-bromine battery module.

RedFlow CEO Phil Hutchings congratulated BASEPOWER for the award.

“It is a tribute to the combined systems integration talent of both RedFlow and BASEPOWER engineers,’’ he said.

Click here to download the report.

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