The University of Queensland (UQ) has installed the largest rooftop mounted solar PV array in Australia (1.2 MW), located on three of its buildings at its flagship St Lucia campus in Brisbane, Australia.

In mid-2012, RedFlow has installed its M90 energy storage system (90kW / 240kWh) alongside one section of the UQ solar field, marking our entry into the megawatt-scale class of energy storage systems.  It was designed to store solar power generated from a 390 kW section of UQ’s PV array in the daytime, and feed it back into the local network at times when it is needed most.

In mid-2013, RedFlow also installed its M120 energy storage system (120kW / 288kWh) in the basement of the University’s Global Change Institute building, also at the St Lucia campus.  This large M-class system contains 36 ZBMs and is designed to complement the building’s installed 140kW-peak solar array, as well as support the building’s load.  Real-time performance can be viewed on the University of Queensland’s websitehere (click on the Energy Profile tab at the bottom right of the screen).