Supercharge your solar with battery storage

by Yass Tribune

RESIDENTIAL battery storage technology has been leaping ahead over the last few years and falling prices and marketing drives by the likes of Tesla Motors, with
their Powerwall product, have made people interested in achieving energy

We know that solar power is an amazing source of renewable energy, and that turning your roof into a power station can provide real benefits, but when the sun goes down or is not shining brightly, you might need to get your electricity from the grid. Battery storage resolves this issue. It evens out the intermittent nature of solar generation and allows you to store the power you don’t use in the middle of the day for later on. But not all batteries are created equal and there is no “one-size-fitsall” solution. The Power Saving Centre
in Canberra has been designing and installing battery systems in the ACT and surrounding region for years, often for customers with no available grid connection or with complex loads and requirements. They understand battery storage better
than anyone and are experienced at providing solutions including: SMA, LG Chem, Enphase, Magellan, SolarEdge, SolaX, Redback, Fronius, RedFlow, and Tesla. To find out more, visit the Power Saving Centre stall at Murrumbateman Field Days, see:, or phone: 1300 772 226.