Video: Engineering News South Africa reports how Redflow batteries help PCB maker Bosco avoid power outages

Bosco director Philip Verheul

Engineering News South Africa has published a video story about how Johannesburg-based printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer Bosco is using a Redflow battery energy storage system with rooftop solar PV to avoid disruptions caused by power outages that are common in South Africa.

Engineering News reports that the company’s main competitive advantage over duty-free imported PCBs is its ability to serve its local clients quickly and accurately. 

Bosco director Philip Verheul said that meant Bosco must prevent disruptions to engage with its clients, provide quotes and ensure its engineering and design department continued to operate. Our 1 200 solar panels – supported by networked inverters – provide about one-quarter of our energy requirements during the day,” he said. 

“This is connected to the BMS, which automatically recharges the Redflow batteries or dispatches battery energy when needed, including in the event of a power outage.”

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