Redflow has designed and developed a Large Scale Battery reference platform to demonstrate the efficacy of a large energy storage system, containing as many as 60 ZBM2 batteries, in a 20ft shipping container with scalable energy capacity and 24/7 monitoring.

Redflow assists its system integrators to design their own large scale batteries with an agreed number of 10kWh ZBM2 batteries to meet the customer’s required application. The system is interfaced to an external inverter through high-efficiency power electronics.

Product Features

Tailored large-scale energy storage solution

  • The LSB reference platform can provide a large DC energy storage solution to meet your needs
  • The LSB can interface with commercially available inverters for a wide range of AC applications.

Large and scalable energy capacity

  • Standard 20ft shipping container configuration features 60 ZBM2 batteries that deliver peak 300kW, continuous 240kW and 600kWh.
  • Flexible ZBM2 configurations are available for specific requirements.
  • When large energy storage is needed, the LSB can be paralleled to form multiple container configurations.

Robust and long-life ZBM design

  • Each LSB contains a number of robust ZBM2 batteries.
  • Inherent 100% depth-of-discharge characteristics prevent battery damage
    from power outages, which is perfect for renewable energy or unstable grids.
  • Guaranteed indefinite life when fully discharged with no maintenance required.
  • No trickle charge required when deployed or stored.
  • Guaranteed energy throughput.

Inherently safe and smart ZBM design

  • Zinc-bromide electrolyte is a water-based natural fire retardant.
  • Physical separation of the cell stack and energy storage tank means there is no thermal runaway.

24/7 monitoring and diagnostics

  • Each ZBM2 is equipped with a Module Management System (MMS) for self-monitoring, real-time data capturing and error reporting. This information can be accessed through the LSB MODBUS communications.

Flexible Configurations


The Redflow LSB reference platform assists system integrators to design an energy storage system containing an agreed number of ZBM2 batteries to meet your specific application. The ZBM2 features Building Block Technology and flexible modular design, enabling your integrator to configure an LSB to your requirements.

Typical LSB Charge and Discharge Curve

LSB Battery Current vs Battery Voltage

System Integrators

For assistance with installation and integration, please contact the Redflow team.

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