The QuadPod is Redflow’s compact yet scalable energy storage solution designed for commercial and industrial customers.

Capable of delivering up to 40 kWh of energy at up to 12 kW from 4 ZBM flow batteries, pre-wired and installed in the custom designed enclosure.

This unique solution provides battery management, electrical protection and optional power conditioning, enabling safe and reliable energy delivery.

Designed for customised and flexible use, you have the option of integrating an approved hybrid inverter into the control cabinet, simplifying integration of the energy storage system with other generating sources such as solar PV, wind or backup generator.

The QuadPod is available as a nominal 40 kWh / 12 kW at 48 Vdc base unit.

Click here to download the QuadPod datasheet


Key features

+ Redflow’s QuadPod is a scalable energy storage solution for commercial applications.
+ Prebuilt, fully prewired, ready to install as a drop in unit.
+ Available with a choice of approved hybrid inverters.
+ Contains switch gear, BMS, protection, communications and hybrid inverter.

Key benefits


Safe / No HVAC required


Unparalleled safety


Real Time Web Based Monitoring


Cost efficient


Intuitive battery management



Key applications

Typical QuadPod applications include:
Small Commercial & Industrial (C&I)
+ Factories
+ Commercial sheds
+ Age care facilities
+ Community batteries
+ Off-grid communities
+ Small holdings/acreage
+ Small farming
+ Remote sites
Telecom towers
+ Weather radar sites
+ Radio high-sites on mountain tops
+ Remote pump stations
High-end/large residential
+ Large ducted or many split aircon systems
+ Floodlit tennis courts or garden lighting
+ Water pumps for features or garden irrigation
+ Swimming pool pumps
+ Charging point for EV

Case studies


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