Redflow batteries to star in Renewable Energy Pop-up in Brisbane this week

Redflow will display its breakthrough zinc-bromine flow battery technology at a Queensland Government-organised pop-up renewable energy event in central Brisbane this Thursday.

Queensland-based Redflow has developed world-leading energy storage technology by designing batteries that can deliver 100 per cent of their stored energy every day for 10 years without losing their storage capacity. Redflow batteries, which operate in warm climates without problems, are made from components that are easily recycled or reused at the end of the battery’s life.

The State Government-organised Renewable Energy Pop-up will run from 8am-6pm this Thursday, November 14, 2019, at  King George Square, Brisbane’s premier public square located in front of Brisbane City Hall in the CBD.

The Renewable Energy Pop-up will feature more than 20 exhibitors, showcasing the latest in clean energy products for home, work and travel. Participants will present the latest information and displays on solar and battery technologies as well as electric vehicles, bikes, scooters and chargers. 

Redflow, which has its head office in the Brisbane suburb of Seventeen Mile Rocks, will share its nine-square metre stand with Carbon Friendly Enterprises (CFE),, the company’s Queensland installation partner.

Redflow National Sales Manager Tesh Solanki with a ZCell battery

Redflow Limited National Sales Manager Tesh Solanki said CFE’s presence would enable visitors to gain answers to installation queries in addition to information about Redflow batteries. “Redflow sees this Renewable Energy Pop-up event as a great way to promote our battery technology to a range of customers, from residential and commercial to local council and State Government officials,” he said.

As well as visual branding, Redflow’s stand will contain a display unit of its ZCell residential battery, as well as a laptop computer monitoring a live Redflow energy storage system, via the Redflow BMS (Battery Management System).

“Our aim for this event is to remove the mystery from Redflow’s battery technology,” said Tesh. “The Redflow battery has unique advantages over legacy energy storage chemistries, such as sustainable storage capacity, temperature tolerance and a great environmental story, so this event is part of how we are spreading the word about Redflow.”

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Simon Hackett with the redesigned Redflow LSB

Check out Simon Hackett’s keynote from the 2018 Australian Energy Storage conference

Redflow Limited had a high profile at the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition 2018, held in Adelaide on May 23-24. As well as demonstrating its range of zinc-bromine flow batteries at the exhibition, Redflow technology evangelist and non-executive director Simon Hackett gave a keynote address at the conference on Thursday, May 24.

Simon, who spoke about “Energy storage technology as the enabler of new energy applications and of new business models”, has published his keynote speech from AES 2018 on his website. Click here to listen to and view Simon’s presentation.

In this synchronised audio recording and PowerPoint deck, Simon poses the question: Will a future grid with large amounts of renewable energy storage necessarily use lithium-ion or other conventional battery systems for most of that large-scale energy storage – or are there better ways?  Simon’s presentation examines the role of flow batteries and other energy storage technologies in using renewable energy to build this future energy grid in which “baseload” power generation is on the wane. Simon specifically addresses the need to identify the lifetime environmental impact of ‘environmentally friendly’ energy generation and storage as distinct from just its up-front cost.

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