Video: Redflow COO reports on the development of its Generation 3 ZBM2 battery

Richard Aird with batteries

In the following video, Redflow Chief Operating Officer Richard Aird provides an update on the development of the company’s next-generation zinc-bromine flow battery, the ZBM2 Generation 3. 

“We’ve been accelerating this development over the past six months and we’re planning to launch the Generation 3 battery into the market towards the end of this year,” said Richard.

“The new developments include a major advancement in stack technology, tank architecture, improved cooling and a new electronics control system…As a result of these changes, we will deliver the same level of performance, a 10 kilowatt-hour, five kilowatt-peak battery, but the Generation 3 will allow us to utilise mass-manufacturing techniques for the very first time.”

Click on the video below to view Richard Aird’s video on the Redflow YouTube channel.